We are proud of both aspects of our success and learnings from the failures

Why speak to us

We are hands on, down to earth and can communicate effectively with shop floor to boardroom. If you have a challenge we can’t fix then we will probably know someone in our network who can.

Why do we do what we do?
LMAS is born from a lifetime of discovering and improving processes. LMAS was born in Retail, moved through Hospitality and Leisure, and then into Logistics and Transport before finding it’s real home in Manufacturing and covering all traditional aspects of manufacturing from shop floor to leading teams, through planning and purchasing, sales & operations planning, project management and eventually into operations management and site management where strategies and turnarounds have been completed.

How do we do what we do?
LMAS is acutely aware that every business is an individual case and is treated as such. LMAS works closely with the business to make sure that the ‘Culture’ of the business is understood and woven into any work that is provided. It is also worthy of note that LMAS is not afraid to question the scope, or desire of a business and will, if required, point out any flaws or items that need to be taken into consideration when scoping work.

LMAS is seen as a respected Advisory service. In many cases LMAS is the first port of call for many of our clients who will at first ‘float the idea’ with a quick conversation before taking the plan any further. LMAS gets involved in all kinds of interventions, from Shop floor training and development on subjects such as Lean and Layouts, 5S, SMED, VSM etc. or involved in setting strategies. If we feel we are not able to assist or Add Value then we will say so and try to put you in touch with someone who can.

To be ‘open, honest and transparent’
and ‘add value’ every day


Starting his career as management trainee for a big four retail supermarket chain, which took him around the country and resulted in him reaching the heights of the UK’s youngest superstore manager. Moving into the Leisure and Hospitality industry involved working around the country in the opposite direction.

Don has seen life from many perspectives but he has always had an interest in achieving the best from his people and the processes involved in running a business.

Fast forward to 1990 and meeting his partner meant setting down roots and again change of tact through Transport and Logistics into Manufacturing. Now things really started to change, back to University and then Advisory for Government agencies back into industry and Don completed three separate business transformations allowing 2 of those business to be sold for significant sums, with the third receiving high values of investments.

As an advisor Don has worked across most, if not all sectors and has made some lifelong friends along the way. He says ‘we just want the best for your business and we stand by our values’.